Courage in Leadership – PRISM2017 from EDR on Vimeo.

PRISM 2017 Courage in Leadership Award

“Honors a business leader working in the property risk management field who has made tremendous impacts on his/her organization or financial institution through courageous leadership. The winner is one who has demonstrated a genuine, vested interested in driving his/her team to achieve success. Examples may include: hosting an off-site teambuilding initiative, implementing a new workplace practice, redesigning a work space or adopting a unique employee incentive program.”

Don Kellar’s drive and environmental commitment makes him an exemplary candidate for the Courage in Leadership Award. As the CEO of Fulcrum Resources Environmental (FRE), Kellar leads a nationwide team of 50 employees who successfully guide clients through safety, legal, and environmental concerns.

Business excellence is only one side of Don Kellar. Kellar sets himself apart by going beyond the property risk management industry and giving back to nonprofits like Green Up Our Schools and the Wounded Warrior Project. A pillar of sustainability and business, Kellar proudly embodies the Courage in Leadership Award.

“The PRISM conference was established to create a unique forum for collaboration—addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing our industry,” stated Chris Aronson, CEO of EDR. “The PRISM Award program recognizes organizations and individuals who are paving the way for the future.”