Stephen Reynolds
National Technical Director & Client Manager

Hao Zhang, P.E.
Regional Director & Sr. Engineer

Dan Stewart
Building Performance & Energy Consultant

As the former Chief of the Environmental Department for the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the first environmental engineer ever hired in their sixty (60) year history, Stephen Reynolds developed, implemented and maintained the SBA’s environmental and energy report review process for commercial real estate properties throughout the United States.

Stephen was one of the key personnel responsible for shaping the SBA’s environmental policy during its development, implementation and revision process. Stephen was a member of the ASTM Task Group responsible for the current ASTM E 1527-13 standard.

With over 20 years of experience in the environmental engineering field, Stephen is passionate about preserving the environment. He has also served as an environmental engineer for the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.
Prior to becoming an environmental engineer, Stephen was an electronics engineer for the United States Air Force, an aeronautical engineering duty officer for the United States Navy and a survival instructor for the United States Air Force.
Stephen graduated from California State University Sacramento and currently resides in California with his wife, Kirsten and daughters Sydney and Adrienne.

Hao Zhang leads Fulcrum’s northern California Region in beautiful San Francisco, and oversees business development and project and client management.

Hao is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in the state of California. She has many years of experience working on Phase I/II environmental site assessments, site investigation and characterization, soil and groundwater remediation, and brownfield redevelopment.

In her spare time, Hao enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling.


Dan Stewart is a building performance expert who focuses on improving the quality of lighting, ventilation, temperature, and humidity for building occupants, while saving money on their energy utility bills. His experience ranges from restaurant kitchens, four star hotels, office buildings, multi-family residences and more.

When not poking around boiler rooms and air handling units, Dan likes exploring the outdoors, making music, and drinking coffee.