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Engineering & Construction Management

Fulcrum offers a variety of Engineering & Construction Management services:

environmental due diligence
Environmental Due-Diligence

Peer and Desk Top Reviews – Fulcrum’s team of experts are at your disposal

site cleanup remediation
Site Cleanup & Remediation

Site Characterization Site Characterization Reports provide clients a set of

due diligence

Physical Inspection Reports– Agencies and lenders often require Physical

industrial hygiene services
Industrial Hygiene Services

Asbestos Testing- Asbestos is a mineral fiber which, when people are exposed to

green energy sustainability
Green Energy & Sustainability Consulting

Energy Audits are a great way to examine how a facility is operating. Fulcrum

mapping on sites
& Surveying

ALTA/ ACSM Land Surveys- Fulcrum engineers adhere to the American Congress

educational training
Educational Training & Seminars

8 Hour HAZWOPPER Refresher Training- Workers who remove hazardous waste

oil services
Oil Services

As Anthony Ligutom Who Has Worked There Says – My Experience In The Oil Field

certified contractor
Certified Contractor

Fulcrum owns a drill rig and its sister company, Georockers Drilling, is a licensed C-57 drilling contractor

Certified Drilling Contractor

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Fulcrum purchased a drill rig and its sister company, Georockers Drilling, is a licensed C-57 drilling contractor. Together, they are fully-equipped to drill direct push limited access throughout Bay Area and Southern California.

Direct push technology allows Fulcrum & Georockers Drilling to collect high-quality
samples in less time and at a lower cost to you. Unlike conventional drilling, direct push technology does not generate soil cuttings which, if contaminated, require special handling and disposal at high cost.

North Dakota-Oil Work Services

As Anthony Ligutom who has worked there says – My experience in the oil field (Bakken) up here in North Dakota goes back to 2012. I was responsible for site assessments resulting from pipeline leaks, oil pad releases and historical impacts. These events required impact characterization through soil and groundwater sampling. This included soils logging, driller/contractor over site. Also, routine groundwater sampling sometimes was required. Preparation and organization were essential to the success of these projects. Among my other responsibilities were the training of new staff as well as maintaining the H&S program.
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Services You are Interested in

Services You are Interested in